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International day of solidarity with Algerian media announced

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© RSF / IFEX | Mercredi  24 September 2003

Journalists Announce International Day of Solidarity With Media in Algeria. International journalists' groups and the supporters of change in Algeria have announced an international day of solidarity - October 24th - to highlight the growing crisis facing independent journalism in Algeria. The International Federation of Journalists announced the action following an agreed declaration reached by journalists, press freedom groups and supporters in a meeting in Brussels today. The meeting decided that urgent action is needed at the international level to bring the attention of the international community to the growing media crisis in Algeria in recent weeks, during which there have been suspensions of newspapers, arrests of publishers and leading journalists and a growing anxiety within the independent media over political pressure in advance of national elections next year.

Enclosed is the declaration issued in Brussels:
The International Federation of Journalists, the Association of Algerian Journalists in Belgium, the Committee for the Support of Democratic Rights in Algeria - Brussels Division - and political representatives, which came together today in Brussels, published the following declaration:

• The attacks and police harassment - judicial and financial - being carried out against independent Algerian media are unacceptable. After having focused on the gravity of the situation facing Algerian journalists and the media, the participants of the meeting decided on a series of concrete actions:
• On 24 October, a day of support and solidarity for the Algerian press has been announced to take place in Brussels. At this event, a delegation of Algerian journalists will be invited by the IFJ to convene in the capital of Europe.
• The development of a permanent structure, which will monitor the progress of press freedom violations and intimidation against journalists in Algeria.
• A detailed open letter will be sent by the IFJ to European institutions, whereby these organisations will be informed of the repressive measures taken by the Algerian authorities against the freedom of the press in Algeria. The attitude of the Algerian government is contrary to agreements they have already signed such as the EU/Algeria Association Agreement.
• Several trade union members of the IFJ have decided on their part to initiate other actions in order to raise public awareness of the situation in Algeria.
• A detailed report will be drafted and distributed to the relevant representatives of the European Union along with its Member States.

For further information, contact the IFJ, International Press Center, Residence Palace 155, Rue de la Loi - Bloc C, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium,
tel: +322 235 2200 or +322 235 22 01, fax: +322 235 22 19, e-mail:, Internet:
The IFJ represents over 500,000 journalists in more than 100 countries

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